Teimuraz Akobadze
On the generalized Ces´aro summability of trigonometric Fourier series
R. R. Akopyan
Optimal recovery of a derivative of an analytic function from values of the function given with an error on a part of the boundary
Aleksandr Babenko
Bounds for the sharp constant in the Jackson–Nikol’skii inequality between the uniform norm and integral norm of trigonometric polynomials
Elena E. Berdyshev
Delsarte’s Extremal Problem and Packing on Locally Compact Abelian Groups
I. Berkes
Random walks on the circle and diophantine approximation
Borislav Draganov
Simultaneous approximation by Bernstein polynomials and their integer forms
Tamás Erdélyi
On the zeros of polynomials with constrained coefficients
S. Favorov
Local Wiener's Theorem and Almost Periodic Measures and Distributions
Włodzimierz Fechner
Sincov-type functional inequalities and generalized metrics
Zywilla Fechner
On Moment Functions on Affine Groups
Hans G. Feichtinger
The Banach Gelfand Triple and Fourier Standard Spaces
Ivan Gadjev
Weighted Approximation of Functions in Lp-norm by Baskakov-Kantorovich Operator
Dorin Ghisa
The Zeros of a Class of Dirichlet Functions
Dmitry Gorbachev
Uncertainty principles for eventually constant sign bandlimited functions
Karlheinz Gröchenig
Sampling, Marcinkiewicz-Zygmund Inequalities, Approximation, and Quadrature Rules
Gergely Harcos
A Minkowski-type result for linearly independent subsets of ideal lattices
Feliks Hayrapetyan
On the growth of Blaschke products for the half-plane
Ágota P. Horváth
Asymptotics for Recurrence Coefficients of X1-Jacobi Polynomials and Christoffel Function
Koba Ivanadze
On the classes of functions of generalized bounded variation
Valerii Ivanov
Weighted inequalities for the Dunkl-Riesz potential
Yoritaka Iwata
The regularity of the solutions of the abstract evolution equations of hyperbolic type
Philippe Jaming
Moving and oblique observations of beams and plates
Sergei Kalmykov
On self-intersections of Laurent polynomials
Young-Ho Kim
A moment inequalities for stochastic integral and applied in the stochastic differential equation
Yurii Kolomoitsev
On the Lebesgue constants for convex polyhedra
Vilmos Komornik
Simultaneous observability of infinitely many strings and beams
Risto Korhonen
Delay differential Painlevé equations and Nevanlinna theory
András Kroó
Density of weighted multivariate polynomials
Finite sums of ridge functions on convex subsets of Rn
Miklós Laczkovich
Spectral synthesis on discrete Abelian groups
Péter Maga
On the global sup-norm of spherical cusp forms on PGL(n)
Zsuzsanna Nagy-Csiha
An electrostatic extremal problem on the circle and on the line
Gergő Nemes
On the Borel summability of WKB solutions near a simple pole
János Pintz
An approximate formula for Goldbach’s problem with applications
Imre Z. Ruzsa
Sumsets and the Prékopa-Leindler inequality
K.S. Ryutin
Approximation of the step–function, dn(W11,Lq) and approximate rank.
Klaus Schiefermayr
Chebyshev Polynomials on Circular Arcs
Olivier Sète
On the Valence of Harmonic Mappings in the Plane
Iurii Shteinikov
Congruences and exponential sums over multiplicative subgroups in finite fields
Ilona Simon
On the Voice transform induced by a representation of the dyadic and 2-adic Blaschke group
Vaja Tarieladze
On Pecherskij-Révész’s theorem
A.I. Tyulenev
Korevaar-Schoen’s directional energy and Ambrosio’s regular Lagrangian flows
R. Uluchev
On the Sharp Constant in Hardy Inequalities for a Class of Weighted Polynomials and for Finite Sequences
Brett D. Wick
Commutators and BMO
László Zsidó
On exceptional points for the Lebesgue density theorem